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Young Dr. Robert Cromwell is charged with murder when a delicate operation fails and his patient dies. In the sensational trial, he is aquitted, but condemned in the court of public opinion. He is disgraced and his practice ruined. Seeking escape from his problems, he agrees to join an aviator on a dangerous mission. The plane crashes in the frozen wilderness of Alaska, stranding a badly-injured Cromwell. Nursed back to health by a beautiful blonde known to the locals as Klondike, he falls in love with his caretaker. Her fiancee, Jim Armstrong, is dying and the doctor is pressured to perform an extremely risky operation. He faces a terrible dilemma - if the surgery succeeds, he loses the only woman he has ever loved! Thelma Todd was a school teacher and beauty contest winner who went on to become a star for Paramount. She appeared in scores of films such as the Marx Brother's comedy classics Horse Feathers (1932) and Duck Soup (1933). The scandalous controversy surrounding her mysterious death in 1935 at the height of her popularity has never been settled. Ruled a suicide by the coroner, claims that she was murdered by gangsters, her millionaire ex-husband Pat DiCicco, or current lover, director Roland West, were hotly debated. The actress was only 29 years old when her lifeless body was discovered.

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