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This TCM Archives 2-disc The Garbo Silents Collection focuses on Garbo's earliest years in Hollywood. In The Temptress (1926, Disc 2) Garbo establishes her magnetic screen persona as a vamp who destroys the lives of men who cannot resist her charms. In Flesh and the Devil (1927, Disc 1), she is an irresistible vixen who comes between lifelong friends John Gilbert and Lars Hanson, and in The Mysterious Lady (1928, Disc 2), a Russian spy who seduces her victims. Each film contributed mightily in building the Garbo legend that still manages to fascinate audiences almost 80 years later.

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Special Features Includes: The Temptress (1926), Flesh and the Devil (1927), and The Mysterious Lady (1928) Commentary by "Garbo" author Barry Paris on Flesh and the Devil Commentary by "Greta Garbo: A Cinematic Legacy" author Mark A. Vieira on The Temptress Commentary by film historians Tony Maietta and Jeffrey Vance on The Mysterious Lady The Divine Woman: surviving 9-minute excerpt of this lost 1928 silent Alternate endings on Flesh and the Devil and The Temptress Settling the Score: goes behind the scenes of the TCM Young Film Composers Competition and the scoring of notable silent movies, including these Garbo classics Photo montages on all three movies

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