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In this two-DVD collection of ten films, Harold Lloyd (Safety Last) demonstrates why he is ranked alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as slapstick cinema's preeminent funnymen. Lloyd is most famous for his aerial acrobatics, dangling from skyscrapers in High and Dizzy and Never Weaken. But his legendary status was earned mostly on the ground, where he crafted the persona of an endearing Everyman, whose pluck and determination rescue him from life's ordinary (and often extraordinary) pitfalls. Whether portraying a pampered socialite (Captain Kidd's Kids), a lowly bellhop (Among Those Present) or a silly stagehand (Ring Up the Curtain), Lloyd pursues romance and prosperity at a dizzying pace. His unwavering confidence and optimism—combined with his remarkable speed, agility and impeccable comic timing—made him one of the most beloved figures of the silent era. DVD 1 TWO GUN GUSSIE 1918 10 Min. Dir: Hal Roach THE CITY SLICKER 1918 11 Min. Dir: Hal Roach THE NON-STOP KID 1918 12 Min. Dir: Hal Roach RING UP THE CURTAIN 1919 12 Min. Dir: Hal Roach CAPTAIN KIDD'S KIDS 1920 22 Min. Dir: Hal Roach FROM HAND TO MOUTH 1920 21 Min. Dir: Alfred Goulding DVD 2 HIGH AND DIZZY 1920 27 Min. Dir: Hal Roach NEVER WEAKEN 1921 24 Min. Dir: Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor AMONG THOSE PRESENT 1921 39 Min. Dir: Fred Newmeyer NOW OR NEVER 1921 40 Min. Dir: Hal Roach and Fred Newmeyer

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