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College Humor (1933, 81 min.) A college professor (Bing Crosby) and the school's football star (Richard Arlen) fall for the same beautiful co-ed in this comedy featuring George Burns and Gracie Allen. We're Not Dressing (1934, 75 min.) A lowly deckhand (Bing Crosby) is shipwrecked on an island with several passengers including the heiress (Carole Lombard) he's smitten with plus two wacky locals (George Burns and Gracie Allen). Here Is My Heart (1934, 77 min.) When a wealthy radio crooner (Bing Crosby) falls for an icy Russian princess, he goes undercover as a hotel waiter in order to gain access to her suite - and her heart. Mississippi (1935, 74 min.) Set in the Old South, a disgraced gentleman (Bing Crosby) takes a singing job on a riverboat where the captain (W.C. Fields) tries to teach him the meaning of honor. Sing You Sinners (1938, 91min.) Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray and Donald O'Connor star as a trio of talented brothers who travel to Los Angeles seeking fortune only to get mixed up at the racetrack. Welcome Stranger (1947, 108 min.) In this charming musical comedy, a crotchety old physician (Barry Fitzgerald) finds himself sharing his medical practice with an impetuous younger doctor (Bing Crosby).

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