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On a dark and stormy night, blood curdling screams echo across the gables of Hanley House as fresh blood drips from an ancient axe once used in an unspeakable act of violence and disembodied footsteps stomp across the upstairs landing. The village has always gossiped about Hanley Mansion - the last house on a country lane. Townsfolk dare one another to spend a night in the forsaken mansion, long believed to be haunted by poltergeists. When a quintet of disbelievers accept the challenge hoping to disprove the rumors, they soon find that they are dead wrong. A silent killer is terrorizing the unwanted invaders, driving them insane with horror as they desperately pray for dawn. Ghosts of Hanley House is a home-brewed drive-in tale, crudely evocative and possessing an unearthly visual imagination sure to delight fans of mid-60's regional horror cinema.

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ALP4377 Ghosts of Hanley House DVD (1968/Elsie Baker) $5.99