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Dr. Tom Reynolds and his associate Professor Howard Ogden travel the dark and dangerous jungles of Africa and India. Accompanied by a succession of local guides, Dr. Reynolds, respectfully known as Ramar (Great White Doctor) to the native tribesmen, becomes involved in a series of adventures which set him against an assortment of villains. Witch doctors, smugglers, mad scientists and exotic wildlife keep Ramar and company on their toes in every thrilling episode. "Ramar of the Jungle" was created by and starred Jon Hall. The show was wildly successful during its short run of two years, offering an exciting and sometimes violent picture of distant lands. The Blue Treasure: Tom and Howard are the victims of an unprovoked attack by a native tribe who are uniquely marked with blue face paint. Wounding one of the warriors, they bring him back to the trading post for treatment. While he recovers, Tom, Howard and Charlie venture into the primitive tribe's territory in the Blue Jungle where they make an unexpected discovery. The Sacred Monkey: Ramar and Howard cross paths with a savage tribe that worships a breed of monkeys said to outlive any humans. Seeking to investigate the truth of these claims, Dr. Reynolds and Professor Ogden venture into the natives' camp to capture one of their sacred monkeys. Tribal Feud: Trudy Van Tyne has been kidnapped by a nomadic tribe and her desperate father asks Tom and Howard to help find her. They track her to a village of primitive savages who have placed Trudy under a Black Magic spell. The Doomed Safari: Dr. Reynolds' college chum, Jeff Sharpe, is searching the African jungle for a vast uranium deposit. Tom warns him that another scientist seeking the precious metal has vanished without a trace.

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