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Four exciting episodes of the extremely popular adventure series starring Jon Hall as the great white witch doctor who faces the terrors of the jungle.

Episodes Include:
Call To Danger: Doctor Reynolds and Professor Ogden return to the jungles of Africa, summoned by an urgent letter. Missionary Dick Webley and his sister are being threatened with attack by hostile native tribesmen for no aprrarent reason.

Blind Peril: A team of prospectors who have stirred up the natives against the Webleys conspire to murder the missionaries in their ruthless quest for gold.

Drums Of Doom: A convicted murderer has broken out of prison and returns to the jungle where he plans to kill Doctor Reynolds.

Evil Strangers: Two kidnappers escape through the jungle with their injured captive, a wealthy munitions magnate. Ramar hatches a plan involving phony ransom money to capture the men and rescue their hostage.

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