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Black Belt Jones
The Mob wants to buy a local karate studio in a city area planned for re-development. They enlist the aide of a local thug named "Pinky" and his henchmen to force the owner into selling. After they accidentally kill him, the karate students call on their number one kung-fu expert "Black Belt Jones" to even the score.

Hot Potato
The sequel to 1974's "Black Belt" Jones. Jim Kelly reprises his role as a US government agent named Jones. This time around Jones travels to Thailand to rescue the daughter of a southern U.S. senator, who is being held by a ruthless crime lord named Rangoon.

Black Samson
These streets belong to Samson! Nightclub owner Samson does everything he can to keep his neighborhood clean of crime, corruption and drugs. When a local mobster named Johnny Nappa played by William Smith tries to take over Samson's turf, Samson, the staff wielding hero, takes a stand against Nappa and his hoods to save his girl and the neighborhood.

Three the Hard Way
A white supremacist named Monroe Feather plots to taint the United States water supply in several US cities with a toxin that is harmless to white people but lethal to black people.

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