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"THE HARRYHAUSEN CHRONICLES" focuses on the art of Ray Harryhausen. This affectionate and classy documentary is a perfect companion title to the feature "20 Million Miles to Earth." Narrated by Leonard Nimoy and written, produced and directed by Richard Schickel, Time magazine's film critic and film historian, this entertaining celebration of Harryhausen's singular cinematic legacy features numerous film clips and observations by George Lucas and others whose lives were impacted by his films. Harryhausen says the "essence of fantasy is the transfer of reality into the imagination." Certainly his remarkable stop-motion sequences have entertained generations and haunted memories. Schickel says it best with an observation spoken by Nimoy: "In this moment of mechanized imagination, this unforgettable work recalls for us the value of the open and wondering eye and the informed and compassionate heart."

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