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All your favorite characters are back for the second season of The Kids in the Hall--but the stakes have been raised. Bobby (Bruce McCulloch) is still rockin', but now he's battling more than just his parents in "Bobby vs. Satan." (Shades of the Charlie Daniels Band!) Meanwhile, the increasingly outrageous Buddy (Scott Thompson) steps off his bar stool to manage the Sappho Sluggers in "Buddy Plays Softball," does time in "Buddy Cole in Jail," and is freed by a batty judge (Dave Foley) in "Justice." Then there are the other familiar faces. Cathy (Thompson) and Kathie (McCulloch) are still dieting, Fran (Thompson) and Gordon (McKinney) are still bickering, Cabbage Head (McCulloch) is still trying--in vain--to score and, after a potentially debilitating injury, Mr. Tyzik (McKinney) is still crushing heads. (Alas, the 30 Helens and the "Nobody Likes Us Guys" appear to have gone missing.) This four-DVD boxed set of the Canadian sketch comedy includes all 20 uncensored episodes from 1990-1991 (Comedy Central censored the occasionally-foulmouthed series). Along with the old favorites, the one-offs, and the black-and-white movie spoofs (Kevin MacDonald and Foley did once work in an art-house movie theater after all), there are several new characters. They include the Cops (McCulloch and McKinney), the Sizzler Sisters (MacDonald and Foley), Simon (MacDonald) and Hecubus (Foley), Mr. Heavyfoot (Foley), Chicken Lady (McKinney), and incredibly annoying know-it-all Gavin (McCulloch), who only eats onions.

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Special Features 20 episodes on four discs Commentary by the Kids "An Oral History: Season 2": 15 minutes with the Kids, Paul Bellini, and Lorne Michaels Two season 2 best-of compilations featuring fan-favorite sketches 30 more minutes of never-before-seen-on-TV performances from the Rivoli Theater Original KitH performance poster gallery Biographies

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