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In the 23rd century, Cmdr. J.J. Adams (Leslie Nielsen) guides United Planets cruiser C-57-D on a rescue mission to faraway planet Altair-4. Twenty years earlier, Earth ship Bellerophon disappeared while en route to Altair-4. Only the ship's philologist, Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), survived; in the intervening decades, Morbius has created an Edenlike world of his own, for the benefit of himself and his nubile young daughter, Altaira (Anne Francis). His private paradise is zealously guarded by Robby the Robot, a piece of technology far in advance of anything on Earth. When Adams and his crew land on Altair-4, Morbius announces that he has no intention of being rescued and returned to Earth. When Adams attempts to contact home base, he finds that his radio equipment has been smashed by some unseen force. Holding Morbius responsible, Adams confronts the scientist, who decides to tell all. At one time, according to Morbius, Altair-4 was populated by the Krel, a wise, intellectually superior race. Using leftover Krel technology, Morbius has doubled his intellect and gained the ability to shape a new world to his own specifications.

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This classic science fiction movie comes to DVD single-layered, though with remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and standard vs. widescreen letterbox viewing options (via a two-sided DVD), the original theatrical trailer, and a glossy eight-page booklet within the snap-case cover describing the film's history and various trivia facts (e.g., Forbidden Planet is based loosely on Shakespeare's {+The Tempest and was the debut of actor Leslie Nielsen). No expense was spared on a project that remained in pre-production for two years; the panoramic matte special effects, done mostly by Disney-style animation, remain fresh and surprisingly lively, as does the slightly dated but highly experimental electronic soundtrack. The picture, very thin in the widescreen view, exhibits the graininess and occasional blurs typical of '50s films transferred to DVD. Available audio tracks include English and French, both done in Dolby 2.0. Subtitles in these languages are also available.

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