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The first of the Godzilla movies, and the most somber and serious in tone, Gojiro was originally a 98-minute Japanese horror film, until a U.S. company bought the rights and reissued the film at 79 minutes, replacing sequences involving a Japanese reporter with new inserts of a dour, pipe-smoking Raymond Burr. Both versions appear together for the first time in this release from Sony Wonder.

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Special Features The 1956 American version Godzilla: King of the Monsters "Making of the Godzilla Suit" featurette "Godzilla: Story Development" featurette Commentaries by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski Original trailers

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SV84559 Gojira / Godzilla Deluxe Collector's Edition (Gojira/Godzilla (1954) / Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1956) $9.99