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John Bradford is disappointed when his son James graduates from school with top honors but announces that he has decided to quit the lucrative family business and devote himself to the ministry. John cannot accept the fact that his son is perfectly willing to forgo his sweetheart, Alice, and a life of luxury to travel halfway around the globe to face poverty in New Guinea, preaching the Good Word to the natives. But after a year of his ministry, James proposes to Alice from afar, and ever-faithful, she accepts. A terrible rift develops between father and son but sadly, it will take a tragedy to heal it. After working steadily on television since her 1954 debut on "Death Valley Days," Angie Dickinson would rise to film stardom with her role in Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo in 1959, the year before she starred in The Unfinished Task. In 1960 she would also star in the classic Ocean's 11, playing the wife of Frank Sinatra. Decades of roles would follow with notable performances in fine productions including Captain Newman, M.D. (1963), The Killers (1964), The Chase (1966) and Point Blank (1967). Her role as Pepper Anderson in television's Police Woman won her two Golden Globe Awards and was the first hit hour drama with a female star. Decades of memorable roles on the small screen earned her a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Co-star Ray Collins, an Orson Welles' Mercury Theater troupe graduate, had significant roles in Citizen Kane (1941) and The Magnificent Andersons (1942), but is best remembered for his role as Lt. Tragg on TV's "Perry Mason" series. BONUS: THE GREAT ADVENTURE: Edward Arnold, in his final screen appearance, teaches Jim Backus eveything you could could possibly want to know about the Rotary Club, the organization still involved in making the world a better place to this very day. Stars Edward Arnold, Jim Backus, Lyle Talbot; directed by Harold Schuster.

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ALP1077 Unfinished Task (aka I'll Give My Life) DVD (1961/Angie Dickinson) $5.99