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A rampaging white gorilla terrorizes the jungle, brutally attacking anyone in its path. Steve Collins, a seasoned safari guide, is severely mauled by the powerful ape. Somehow, he manages to drag his broken bones to Morgan's Trading Post where he relates a bizarre tale of hidden treasure, a strange boy with supernatural powers and the savage albino creature that nearly killed him. This 1945 production integrates newer scenes with classic footage from an earlier silent production (Perils of the Jungle). The nebulous and ambiguously unspecified "All-Star Cast" includes stars like silent screen Tarzan, Frank Merrill and the lovely Eugenia Gilbert. Ray "Crash" Corrigan narrates the story, portrays Steve Collins as well as the title role of The White Gorilla.

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ALP4367 White Gorilla DVD (1945/Ray Corrigan) $5.99