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In June of 1957 American International Pictures (AIP) released another of their continuing series of quick and cheap exploitation films called, I Was a Teenage Werewolf. It was about a troubled teenager (played by a young Michael Landon), who is treated by a hypnotherapist, named Dr. Brandon, who somehow instead of helping him, turns him into a werewolf. Much to the surprise of AIP, the film was a huge hit grossing as much as $2,000,000 per week in its early weeks of release. In November of 1957, less than five months later, AIP followed it with I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, which was moderately successful. Coinciding with the release of that sequel, AIP released, Blood of Dracula, a film (oft overlooked) which bears more than a passing resemblance to their Teenage Werewolf summer box office hit. More or less a remake, and with both the hero and villain roles now both played by females, Blood of Dracula could have easily been titled "I Was a Teenage Vampire." The story and screenplay credit is by (I Was a Teenage Werewolf) writer Ralph Thornton (a pseudonym for AIP producer Herman Cohen and Aben Kandel), features many other similarities to I Was a Teenage Werewolf - for instance, both have (among other things): a teenager with social behavior problems, an adult 'mad scientist' who is searching for the perfect guinea pig under the guise of helping troubled youth, an observer who can tell the killings are the work of a monster, a disbelieving police chief afraid of the press, a song written by Jerry Blaine and Paul Dunlap accompanied by a choreographed "ad-lib" dance number, hypnosis as scientific medical treatment, drug injections, specific references to Carpathia, hairy transformation scenes, and even some of the same dialog. In addition, two prominent actors from I Was a Teenage Werewolf are also featured in Blood of Dracula, Malcolm Atterbury and Louise Lewis, with Lewis's villain, 'Miss Branding' a practically perfect female version of Whit Bissel's 'Dr. Brandon.'

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