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In a dungeon laboratory inhabited by sub-humans and fresh corpses, a scientist conducts revolting experiments in an attempt to achieve immortality. His demented patron is an elderly invalid who wants her brain transplanted into a healthy young girl. Three beautiful women are lured to the isolated manor so that the ruthless hag can choose her new body. Once the victim has been chosen, the doctor claims the other two girls as guinea pigs for his gruesome experiments, and transplants the brain of a cat into one of them. When the two remaining young women begin to suspect their fates, they are plunged into a devilish game of cat-and-mouse, pursued by the doctor, the old woman and her sadistic henchmen. This macabre tale ends with a horrific, vengeful twist.

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ALP4143 Monstrosity the Atomic Brain DVD (1964/Frank Gerstle) $5.99