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The Three Mesquiteers - Tucson, Stony and Lullaby - and the Blackstone National Park Rangers are having a bit of a disagreement. The rangers refuse to allow guns on their property.The Mesquiteers are upset that mountain lions and bears are killing cattle. Young Davey maintains an animal sanctuary in his stepfather's barn, but Davey doesn't know that his stepfather and his henchmen are poaching animals and rustling cattle. The Three Mesquiteers finally corner the gang, but a ranger is shot in the back and Stony is framed for his killing. The daring Mesquiteers must prove Stony's innocence while fighting bears, fires, and wily rustlers. Republic Pictures' Three Mesquiteer Western series was based upon the novels of William Colt MacDonald and spawned 51 features, which were produced between the years 1936 and 1943. All the films featuring a revolving cast of stars, including John Wayne. Includes BONUS feature, Matt Clark, Railroad Detective Meets Billy The Kid.

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ALP5002 Three Mesquiteers: Heart of The Rockies DVD (1937Ray Corrigan/Bob Livingston) $5.99