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Millionaire playboy Bob Gordon poses as a reporter to woo beautiful Helen Brewster, daughter of Randall Brewster, publisher of The Daily Record. He manages to get himself hired at the newspaper to be close to Helen, but comes to realize someone is trying to sabotage The Record and drive it into bankruptcy. As Bob's investigation begins to close in on the truth, he finds himself targeted for death. This Mayfair production stars a strikingly handsome 26 year old Buster Crabbe. Like his "rival", Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbe was a gold medal champion Olympic swimmer whose physique led to the coveted title role in Tarzan the Fearless. Born Clarence Linden Crabbe (and often billed as Larry Crabbe), he rocketed to fame as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in the extremely popular Universal serials of the late 1930s, before settling in at PRC to do dozens of low-budget westerns as Billy the Kid and later as wandering cowboy Billy Carson in the 1940s.

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ALP6868 Badge of Honor DVD (1936/Buster Crabbe) $5.99