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Crippled by a suspicious "accident," steel mill magnate John "Flint" Dawson (Lionel Atwill) loses both factory and family to his corrupt manager, James Marley. Destitute, the fallen man befriends a blind beggar who introduces him to a life of panhandling. During the next fifteen years, the once powerful industrialist builds another fortune by organizing a nationwide savings union for homeless men. Finally the day arrives when John has enough money to take back his empire. Hiding his true identity, he launches a bidding war against Marley to gain a controlling interest in the mill. Marley stoops to robbing the pensions of his own workers to resist takeover, forcing John to the brink of defeat. Seizing a chance to rescue their beloved hero, the united band of wealthy "beggars" goes on a buying spree of the steel company's stock.

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ALP4925 Beggars in Ermine DVD (1934/Lionel Atwill) $5.99