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Disgusted by his dim-witted and ugly original creation (Clancy Brown), Dr. Frankenstein sets out to animate an improved version. Though lovely on the outside, Eva (Jennifer Beals) begins her new life as little more than an animal. With the help of his trusty housekeeper (Geraldine Page), however, Frankenstein soon grooms the beautiful zombie into a reasonable facsimile of an upper-class debutante. He's unprepared, however, when his ward displays a mind -- and sexual urges -- of her own. Meanwhile, the good doctor's discarded original creation assumes the name of Viktor and takes to the road. Befriended by an enterprising dwarf named Rinaldo (David Rappaport), Viktor becomes a circus performer but continues to pine after his bride. Connected to her psychically, he soon makes his way back to the scene of their mutual creation. There, he finds the girl embroiled in a love triangle between a callow suitor (Cary Elwes) and Frankenstein himself.

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Features * Digitally mastered audio & anamorphic video * Widescreen presentation * Audio: English 2-channel [Dolby Surround], French, Spanish, Portuguese * Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai * Director's commentary * Theatrical trailer * Filmographies * Interactive menus * Scene selections

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CO05924 Bride DVD (1985/Sting) $14.95