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The tale is of a 150 year old vampire "Lilith Silver" who is bored to tears and fills her time by knocking off people for money. Yes, she is a hit-vamp. Her current boy-toy employer has her knocking off people who wear rings with eyeballs in them. When she finally gets curious and asks a contact of hers about them, she learns they belong to a group called The Illuminati, a mysterious cabal that has inundated itself into the world's power structures. It turns out that Sethane Blake, the ancient vamp who turned our murderous vixen into a blood sucking (and other sucking) fiend heads this group and has also contracted out Lilith's boss to rub out the lower members of his frat house. If this sounds at all interesting, see it. It's quite entertaining if you don't take it too seriously. The stars are basically no one. Eileen Daly (Lillith) did a few minor roles and is known as the "Redemption Girl". Christopher Adamson (Sethane) is trying to be the next Christopher Lee. He doesn't have suave good looks, incredibly sexy voice, and his skin is bad. David Warbeck (The Horror Movie Man) appears to have had something of a career, but died before the film was released. He doesn't have to worry about appearing in a sequel.

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