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Nick Phillips is an interesting director. Here we have three of his horror offerings, none of which had any real budget to speak of. SATAN'S BLACK WEDDING manages to have a dark, sinister atmosphere, in spite of the decision to have it's satanic vampires wear plastic fangs from K-Mart. The ultra-cheap filming actually adds to the paranoia and bleakness of it all. CRIMINALLY INSANE is a well done shocker w/ Priscilla Alden running around murdering just about everyone! Her "Big Fat Ethel" character is a wonder to behold, as she stabs, hacks, and bludgeons the rest of the cast! People just seem to rub her the wrong way. Especially those who try to counsel Ethel on her dietary habits. Better to let this gal eat! Alas, this brings us to CRIMINALLY INSANE 2, a shot-on-video hack-job w/ no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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SO3207 Satan's Black Wedding/Criminally Insane DVD (1975/Nick Philips) $19.99