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While traveling in Transylvania, Washington Press Secretary Jack Whittier is attacked by an unseen beast. Upon his return to the Capitol, Whittier transforms into a bloodthirsty werewolf and commits a series of grisly murders that terrorize the city. Police are convinced the killings are the work of a common criminal, and Jack's spree of mayhem is blamed on racial unrest. When a full moon rises on the eve of a national address, Whittier bites the President in front of a horrified Chinese dignitary. Taken as either a horror spoof or political satire, The Werewolf Of Washington draws on the paranoia of the Watergate scandal and the hipster humor of The Second City. Director/Writer Milton Moses Ginsberg was also responsible for 1969's Warhol-esque underground drama Coming Apart.

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ALP4259 Werewolf of Washington DVD (1973/Dean Stockwell) $5.99