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In the first of the notorious "Monogram 9," Bela Lugosi stars as a doctor driven to murder by the ghost of his faithless wife. When the "phantom" appears, it pushes Dr. Kessler into a maniacal rage that can only be quenched with violence. As the corpses pile up, the doctor begins a hunt for the culprit, unaware that he has committed the murders himself while in a hypnotic trance. A villainous twist exposes the truth about the ghost, the killings and the insanity. Director Joseph H. Lewis sets a dark and foreboding mood for this Jekyll and Hyde tale. Ripe with unexpected shots and dynamic lighting, the Invisible Ghost is the most visually striking of Lugosi's Monogram features.

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ALP4094 Invisible Ghost DVD (1941/Bela Lugoisi) $5.99