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David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of the science fiction classic about a scientist who accidentally swaps body parts with a fly is both smart and terrifying: an allegory for the awful processes of slow death and a monster movie with a tragic spin. Jeff Goldblum gives a masterful performance as a sweet, nerdy scientist whose romance with a writer (Geena Davis) makes him more fully alive. Next thing you know, a tiny oversight in an experiment causes him to transmogrify, gradually, into something more like an insect than a human. This is Cronenberg (Scanners, Videodrome) country, so expect The Fly to be a gross-out, but in the way that disease corrupts the body and can make a loved one unrecognizable on every level. This is one of Cronenberg's best films, and certainly one of the important movies of the 1980s.

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Special Features * 3 production documentaries * Deleted scenes with storyboard and script comparisons * Never-before-seen alternate ending * Rare fest footage (makeup and visual effects) * "The Brundle Museum of Natural History" featurette * George Langdon's original short story * Charles Edward Pogue's original screenplay * David Cronenberg's screenplay rewrite * Interactive articles (stills with video clips) from Cinefex and American Cinematographer * Promotional featurettes * Still photo galleries * Original teasers, trailers, TV spots, and more

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