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Agency (1980): Subliminal advertising is used to brainwash television audiences as part of an insidious mind-control conspiracy. The commercials were produced by an agency recently taken over by a clandestine cartel. Creative director Philip Morgan's life is jeopardized when he learns that the agency's hard-sell ads contain subversive political propaganda designed to swing a national election. Legendary actor Robert Mitchum (Night of the Hunter, The Big Sleep) plays Ted Quinn, the "media expert" at he heart of the conspiracy. Lee Majors (TV's "Six Million Dollar Man") and Valerie Perrine (Best Actress nominee for her role in 1974's Lenny) round out the stellar cast. Starring Robert Mitchum, Lee Majors, Valerie Perrine, Saul Rubinek; Directed by George Kaczender. Paper Man (1971): A disturbed programming genius plots with a group of college students to create a fake credit card account through the university's super computer. The scam was designed to creatively finance a few minor purchases, but ends with a string of bizarre murders that all seem to point back to the computer itself. Stephanie Powers and Dean Stockwell star in this eerie thriller about identity fraud and murder. Powers is best known for her television roles in "The Girl from Uncle" (1966) and the 1980s hit series, "Hart to Hart" (with Robert Wagner). Dean Stockwell appeared in his first film at the age of nine, and later earned best actor nominations for his work in the Leopold-Loeb murder tale, Compulsion (1959), and in Eugene O'Neill's Long Days Journey into Night (1962). Starring Dean Stockwell, Stefanie Powers, James Stacy, Tina Chen, Elliot Street; Directed by Walter Grauman.

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