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From 1975 to 2002, MIDNIGHT BLUE was late-night cable's most depraved cavalcade of politics, pornography and perversion hosted by controversial Screw Magazine publisher Al Goldstein. In this premiere volume - featuring segments now shown uncensored for the first time ever - meet the real legends behind DEEP THROAT in graphic and shocking interviews that go far beyond any other adult documentary: Carol Connors: Uninhibited bisexual co-star, extreme animal lover, and mother of award winning actress Thora Birch. Harry Reems: The prolific porn stud whose criminal indictment on obscenity charges galvanized Hollywood. Gerard Damiano: Hairdresser turned visionary porn director, he was forced to sell all rights to the movie - which grossed $600 million - to his notorious 'business partners.' Chuck Traynor: Linda Lovelace's bluntly outspoken husband, manager and alleged abuser. ....And much more, including the show's original commercials for swinger clubs, adult toys and escort services that dropped jaws - and pants - all over New York City and lit the fuse on the battles against the FCC that still rage today.

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