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The little-known protest of the Vietnam War staged from within the ranks of the military is explored in director David Zeiger's revealing documentary. Despite the well-documented media coverage of Vietnam War protests that took place on college campuses across the nation, few people but the most ardent history buffs remain aware of the massive protests that flourished in U.S. barracks and military bases at home and abroad. Staged by countless military men disillusioned with the ongoing war, these protests reached from the hallowed halls of West Point to the bullet-riddled rice fields of Vietnam. Though hundreds of soldiers were imprisoned for voicing their controversial views and thousands more sent into exile for their subversive activities, the tireless efforts of the government and media to suppress this remarkable tale would eventually falter as the dissenting voices became too numerous to silence. Thirty years after the last bombs were dropped on Vietnam, the remarkable tale of the soldiers unafraid to stand up for their beliefs comes to the screen in a film that will forever alter the manner in which contemporary audiences view one of the most controversial wars in modern history.

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Special Features Rebellion at the Fort Dix stockade Organizing a union in the military Black G.I.s and "The Enemy" Vietnam GI - The first underground paper Life and escape in the Presidio stockade The Winter Soldier investigation" Indicting the government David Zeiger's Return to Ft. Hood Pirate radio DJ Dave Rabbit speaks! The Court-Martial of Camilo Mejia: Iraq war resister Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda - From Vietnam to Irag Veterans "Return" their medals in Only the Beginning The Oleo Strut GI coffeehouse in Summer of '68 Rita Martinson sings Soldier, We Love You in FTA Filmmaker biography Interactive menus Scene selection

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