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Filmmakers David Leaf and John Scheinfeld offer a compelling look at the efforts of the United States government to silence one of rock & roll's most outspoken war critics in this documentary detailing the Vietnam-era struggle between the Richard Nixon administration and iconic peace activist John Lennon. The Vietnam War was raging and the nightly news was filled with stories of failed offensives and massacred U.S. troops. As anti-war protests back home gained momentum, it was the hopeful voice of former Beatle Lennon that served to perfectly encapsulate the frustrations felt by many citizens that the U.S. had gotten caught up in an quagmire from which there was seemingly no end in sight. There's a high price to be paid for standing strong in your beliefs and openly criticizing the ruling elite, though, and now, through interviews with those who knew him best and revealing glimpses into an era where all hope seemed lost, filmmakers finally uncover the truth behind the Nixon administration's highly classified efforts to isolate and eventually deport the man whose powerful words threatened to actually make sense in a world slowly suffocated by the grip of insanity.

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Special Features cc Theatrical trailer Additional documentary footage includes: Becoming John Lennon Power to the People Dissent vs. Disloyalty Then and Now Walter Cronkite Meets the Beatles The "Two Virgins" Album Cover "Sometime In New York" "Imagine" The One to One Benefit Concert Yoko Ono Lennon's Letter to the Parole Board DVD-Rom exclusive - Interview with John and Yoko Ono Lennon courtesy of Tariq Ali, reprinted from his book, Streetfighting Years: An Autobiography of the Sixties

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