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This odd drama features Jack Nicholson, then only 21-years old, in his first feature film. He plays a young delinquent who thinks he may have killed one of the two thugs who were pursuing him. He hides out in a local drive-in where he takes three hostages and barricades himself and them in a storeroom. Police surround the place and try to negotiate with the frightened boy but even his friends cannot reach him. Meanwhile, the media has learned of the situation and soon a TV news crew arrives followed by a crowd of spectators. Soon concessions are being sold, and the event becomes a circus.

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Special Features * The Cry Baby Killer special feature: * An all-new intro from Roger Corman! * New digital master * Enhanced audio * The Little Shop of Horrors special feature: * An all-new intro from Roger Corman

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WD53244 Cry Baby Killer DVD (1958/Jack Nicholson) $19.99