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Jake Masters (Allen Garfield) is a private eye detective hired by a wealthy man who is the prime suspect in the murder of a young starlet. It is Jake's job to find the real killer. He not only uncovers the case, but also a lot of hookers and call girls. The misadventures are highly comic and include sexual intercourse, unintentional necrophilia, and sinister lesbians. Allen Garfield is great as the grimy, overweight gumshoe. And Madeleine Le Roux is volcanic as the fiery blond who is as quick with a pistol as she is with her verbal assaults.

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Special Features * Troma Intelligence Test 2 * Tour of Troma Studios * Service Edge TV * Public Announcements * Tromaville Cafe * Interviews with Producer David Disick, Lighting Designer Ralf Bode & Production Assistant Steve Tisch

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TTV9950 Cry Uncle DVD (1971/Allen Garfield) $14.98