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Two pilots push their Lockheed Electra to the limit on a transatlantic mercy flight through crashing lightning and blinding rain. Back in America, their good friend lies dying, the victim of a crash during a sabotaged air race. In their cargo hold is a precious package of experimental serum from Britain, their friend's last hope - but only if they can get it back across the ocean in time. Atlantic Flight was rushed into production in 1937 to capitalize on the world-wide fame of pilot Dick Merrill, who had set speed records in the world's first commercial transatlantic round-trip that same year. Though a completely fictional tale, the film utilizes actual footage from that historic flight. Merrill is joined in this movie by his actual co-pilot from the record-breaking mission, Jack Lambie. Neither Dick nor Jack made another feature after this one, being far better pilots than actors. 1937 was also a big year for Merrill when he met and married young Busby Berkely beauty, Toby Wing.

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ALP4820 Atlantic Flight DVD (1937/Dick Merrill) $5.99