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This is a low-key gem that is at once about the power of dreams, the power of suggestion, and the tyranny of artistic vision (when there really isn't one to fight for). This disarming comedy by director Alexandre Rockwell was a hit at the Sundance Festival but barely registered commercially. Steve Buscemi stars as a hard-luck case: Adolpho, a wanna-be filmmaker with a phone-book-sized screenplay and no money. He lives in a hellish Lower East Side apartment and has a thing for his standoffish neighbor (Jennifer Beals). When he places a want ad to sell his script, he lands Joe (Seymour Cassell), a would-be investor who, it turns out, is really a con artist. Together, they go looking for money to make the movie. A dizzily funny and understated film in which Cassell gives the performance of his career.

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Special Features New video interview with star Jennifer Beals Cast audio commentary featuring Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci, Jim Jarmusch, Carol Kane, Elizabeth Bracco, Steve Randazzo and director Alexandre Rockwell Audio commentary by star Seymour Cassel Audio commentary by director Alexandre Rockwell Behind the scenes home-movies by Steve Buscemi A collection of deleted scenes A step by step to dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha

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