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Not quite as deleriously goofy as Jayne's post-mortem masterpiece "The Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield" (Hint: PLEASE! Something Weird put that one out on DVD!!!), but sure to thrill fans of Jayne and her bizarre exploitation phase, the best of her career. One scene, which might just be the dictionary definition of "camp", has Jaynie hula-dancing in a fake jungle set with a black wig to the strains of an Annette Funicello record! The plot, such as it is, involves Jayne's quest for academic acceptance of her anthropological theories in an uncaring world. She demonstrates her ideas with the usual array of "mondo" film clips in her hotel room. Shameless mugging ensues from Franco and Ciccio, two Italian comics who are delightfully surreal in their sheer UN-funniness as they try to get a peek at Jayne and her shocking footage. Jayne also does a tame (no real nudity) but sexy striptease which turns a guy into a werewolf. Jayne's husband Mickey Hargitay has an unusual, challenging role in that he appears in several scenes but has the same line in each. The second feature, Mondo Balordo is also a lot of fun but Boris Karloff only narrates and doesn't appear in the film. It's a typical "Mondo" movie not especially more or less shocking than Mondo Cane, but like all of these movies, has a handful of great scenes.

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ID0809SW Primitive Love/Mondo Balordo DVD (1964/Jayne Mansfield) $9.98