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An all little person cast sings and hoofs their way through The Terror of Tiny Town, the cult western tale of an Innocent Girl (Yvonne Moray) saved from The Villian In Black (Little Billy) by The Hero in White (Billy Curtis). Comic relief is provided by the "Foreign Cook" (Charles Becky), whose kitchen cooks up continual culinary calamity while Tiny Town's saloon singer (Nita Krebs) is a miniature Judy Garland who delivers indelible interpretations of Lew Porter's soul searching songs. The Terror of Tiny Town was produced by Jed Buell after the success of his 1937 novelty/exploitation picture, Harlem on the Range, the first all-black western.The Terror of Tiny Town was helmed by the legendary director Sam Newfield (1899-1964), whose prolific output of over 270 movies included several dozen silent features as well as B movie sound-era classics like Ghost Patrol (1936), The Monster Maker (1944), I Accuse my Parents (1944), Apology for Murder (1945), and TV's "Ramar of the Jungle" (1952). Newfield, born Samuel Neufeld in New York, often adopted the alias Peter Stewart and Sherman Scott to make his seemingly endless productivity as director seem more plausible. Perhaps Sam Newfield's most popular movie, The Terror of Tiny Town is a genuine, one-of-a-kind cult film, routinely cited as one of the strangest movies ever made. A sequel little person western, Hang 'Em Not So High, was announced but sadly abandoned before it was put before the cameras.

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