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A man with an ugly secret is made to pay for his crimes in this rough but arty sexpoitation drama. Howard Thorne (Nick Moriarty) runs a lucrative mail-order pornography business, selling everything from nude photo sets to long-playing record albums of couples engaging in S&M play. Despite his libertine business interests and being married to Vicki (Victoria Wren, aka Adele Rein), a beautiful blonde with a potent sexual appetite, Howard is a cold fish with only one erotic interest: rape. Howard stalks and assaults women on the sly, while Vicki stays at home at soothes her battered ego with heroin. One night, Howard makes the mistake of attacking a woman who is not afraid to seek revenge, and she turns to a close friend with a background in the martial arts (Cathy Crowfoot); together they formulate a plan to turn the tables on the dangerous deviate. Also released as The Worse Crime Of All, Rape! The Worst Crime of All and The Tarts, Mondo Keyhole was written, photographed, edited and directed by legendary exploitation film figure Jack Hill.

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AVM21923 Mondo Keyhole DVD (1966/Jack Hill) $19.98