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This popular anthology of mystery stories was originally produced for British television, presenting dramatic tales of individuals whose bad choices lead to their downfall. Many of the shows featured private investigator Mark Saber, portrayed by rugged English actor Donald Gray, who lost his left arm while serving in the Second World War. "The Hostage," one of the episodes presented here, was directed by a very young Richard Lester, who rocketed to international fame in the Sixties when he directed The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night and Help. Gabriel's Choice: When Gabriel Destin's suicide attempt is thwarted by Dr. George Campbell, the troubled young man insinuates himself into the doctor's life like a deadly virus. Starring Clifford Evans, Lee Patterson; Directed by David MacDonald. Dead Man's Evidence: A theater director's unscripted backstage affair with a young actress leads to blackmail and murder. Starring Honor Blackman, John Stone; Directed by Ernest Morris. The Hostage: A mentally unbalanced woman holds Mark Saber's secretary hostage in a desperate ploy to force him to search for her missing lover. Starring Donald Gray, Ron Moody; Directed by Richard Lester. If This Be Murder: A famous mystery author will go to any lengths to keep his slavish assistant at his typewriter - even killing the man's fiancee. Starring Donald Gray, Diane Decker; Directed by Ernest Morris. Bond of Hate: A man trapped in a twisted and loveless marriage is plagued by the paranoid suspicion that his hateful wife plans to kill him. Starring Kay Callard, Lloyd Lamble; Directed by David MacDonald. Farewell to Mrs. Forest: A phony Russian "prince" becomes a prime suspect in a homocide when his lover is found dead at the bottom of the hotel swimming pool. Starring Donald Gray, Diana Decker; Directed by Harry Lee Danziger. Side Entrance: Fed up with his wife's flagrant infidelities, a wealthy businessman plans to kill her and frame her lover for the crime. Starring John Loder, Thea Gregory; Directed by David MacDonald. The Count of 12: An unscrupulous financier receives death threats after the lives of several investors are destroyed by his stock manipulations. Starring John Longdon, Garrard Greene; Directed by Paul Gerrard.

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