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Boundaries between visual art and film vanish in this painterly collection of short movies, made between 1973 and 1978, by avant-garde British director Peter Greenaway. The Shorts, disc one of a two-disc series, contains six of Greenaway's early films: Water Wrackets, H Is For House, Windows, Dear Phone, Intervals, and A Walk Through: The Reincarnation of An Ornithologist, as well as Greenaway on Greenaway, in which the director discusses his beginnings. Each ranging in length from 10 to 30 minutes, these films clearly foreshadow Greenaway's trademarks such as his use of the still shot to transform an active moment into landscape, recurring absurd or obsessive characters, and plots confused by scripts full of decadent or bureaucratic language, but they still contain their own conceptual merit. Viewers who find Greenaway irritatingly intellectual may even enjoy these quick glimpses into his work. Water Wrackets, for example, pits narration about an invented army sergeant strategizing to conquer bodies of water against shots of wild rivers and lakes to show how a voiceover changes the perception of filmed imagery. Intervals, Greenaway's very first film, makes a virtual photo album out of still shots taken in Venice's streets, sans canals, implying that even the most romantic city can seem generic or dingy. H Is For House finds ultimate fantasy in the British countryside. And A Walk Through, Greenaway's most direct reference to his life as a visual artist, features a bird-loving narrator who walks the viewer through a gallery exhibiting his paintings (actually Greenaway's) of aviary migratory routes. Greenaway's approach creates intimacy between the camera lens and the viewer, making us feel that his lens is actually our eye.

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Special Features * New transfers of all six films: A Walk Through H, H Is for House, Windows, Intervals, Dear Phone and Water Wrackets * Video pieces about each film created by Greenaway especially for the DVD release * Extensive collection of Greenawayıs paintings and collages from 1968­1978, and notes for unmade projects * Original BFI production catalogue essay and the original press book for all of the early Greenaway films * Liner notes by Peter Greenaway

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