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Murderous gun-smugglers are robbing government warehouses. The only clue is a matchbook from the swanky Chateau Madrid nightclub. Suspecting club owner Douglas Worthington (Noel Madison) of being less than the high-class citizen he appears to be, the Department of Justice launches an investigation. Hot-shot agent Allen Grey (Charles Starrett) is assigned to the case and sent undercover as a prize-fighter. Allen impresses Worthington and infiltrates his criminal gang. When Grey falls for Worthington's naive sister Sondra (Virginia Cherrill) he must find a way to bring down the gangsters without endangering the woman he loves. While playing for the Darmouth College football team, Charles Starrett began his acting career as an extra in The Quarterback (1926). He started working steadily in 1930 with a leading role in Fast and Loose and was one of the people responsible for creating the Screen Actors Guild in 1933. Three years later, Starrett signed with Columbia Pictures and starred in over 100 films before he retired from Hollywood in 1952 at the age of 48.

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ALP5292 What Price Crime DVD (1935/Charles Starrett) $5.99