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This DVD contains two typically wild 1930's Paramount comedies showcasing the studios best contract comedians -- W.C. Fields, Burns and Allen, Martha Raye, and, of course, Bob Hope. "Big Broadcast of 1938" is his film debut, and when he sings "Thanks for the Memories" with Shirley Ross, you have to remind yourself this is the first time that song was ever performed! W. C. Fields and Martha Raye provide lots of laughs when they're on screen. "College Swing" is more of a Gracie Allen vehicle, with Bob in only a few scenes, though he does a nice duet with Martha Raye at one point. It's all very silly, but the character actors and comedians make it enjoyable.

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MC21462 Big Broadcast Of 1938/College Swing DVD (1938/Bob Hope) $14.98