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Deadly criminals have been given unmerited paroles. Suspecting corruption within the parole board, Federal Agent Hendricks (Michael O'Shea) is sent undercover to infiltrate a local gang of racketeers and discover which board member has been compromised. On the trail of recently paroled thug, Harry Palmer, Hendricks gets cozy with shady club owner Jojo Dumont (Evelyn Ankers) and her gang - all known associates of Palmer. After convincing Jojo's boys that he's as crooked as they are, Hendricks comes up with a plan meant to flush-out the leader of the conspiracy, but Palmer is murdered in the process. Hendricks soon learns that the criminal network is more complicated than anyone imagined and must make his case quickly before his cover is blown. Evelyn Ankers, the renowned "Queen of Universal horror films" is best remembered for her appearances in such classics as The Wolfman (1941), The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), Son of Dracula (1943), The Mad Ghoul (1943), Weird Woman (1944) and many others. Ankers married B-movie heart-throb Richard Denning in 1942 and by the 1950s left the movies for the role of wife and mother. A suave and "exotic" leading man, Turhan Bey was also known for his work at Universal in such films as The Mummy's Tomb (1942) . After World War II, Bey's career declined and he returned to his Austrian homeland where he pursued a successful career in photography. Michael O'Shea entered vaudeville at the age of twelve and became a speakeasy comedian and emcee during prohibition. O'Shea made the move to Broadway and with rave reviews for his role in "The Eve of St. Mark" was able to make a break into the movies. Early in his career, O'Shea landed notable roles in films such as Lady of Burlesque (1943), Jack London (1943) and reprised his stage role for the film version of The Eve of St. Mark (1944).

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