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When the law puts killer Louis Constolos in the slammer, his accomplice/girlfriend Molly escapes capture by stowing herself away on a fishing boat. She is discovered by skipper Lars Christiansen, and his first instinct is to return to port to get her off his rig. But her good looks and plucky spirit soon soften him, and he lets her stay on, unaware of her shady past. Love, marriage and a child follow in short order. Lars decides to sell his ship, eager to start a new life. But Molly's past returns in the form of Louis Constolos, just out of prison and ready to pick up where he and Molly had left off - in a life of violent crime. Port of Lost Dreams (1934) is a powerful story of love, betrayal, loss and redemption from veteran director Frank Strayer. After entering films in the twenties, Strayer gained notoriety with an early sound feature, The Vampire Bat (1932). But his strongest suit was creating comedies, as evidenced by his string of successful Blondie films in the late 1930s and early 1940s, starring Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake. William Boyd, who played Skipper Lars, gained fame the following year for his starring role in Hop-Along Cassidy. He went on to reprise the part in 65 more "Hoppy" films in the following years. He became extremely wealthy after buying the rights to all his features, then shrewdly marketing them to television stations hungry for Western fare in the early 1950s.

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