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Paul Christian, the noble town doctor, is on a crusade. In an effort to alleviate the plight of the poor and sickly residents of Squatter's Town, the physician initiates a project to build them housing. The sole hitch is that the only available property is owned by a wealthy spinster, who mistakenly regards the good doctor's efforts to secure her property as a marriage proposal. Adding to the confusion, an unhealthy dose of class prejudice from the wary townsfolk and an outbreak of infectious spinal meningitis leave Dr. Christian with his hands full. Jean Hersholt capped off a distinguished film career portraying the kindly German immigrant, Dr. Paul Christian, in a half dozen popular movies - Meet Dr. Christian (1939), Remedy for Riches (1940), The Courageous Dr. Christian (1940), Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1940), Melody for Three (1941) and They Meet Again (1941). With a resume of over 140 films, Hersholt is best remembered today as the gruff but big-hearted grandfather in the 1937 tear-jerker, Heidi, starring Shirley Temple.

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