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Bowanga Bowanga:
Mr. Kirby Kookalamanza (Morton C. Thompson) and his sidekick Count Sparafucile (Don Orlando) are hiking through an uncharted section of Africa when they encounter Trent (Lewis Wilson), a lost and frightened American with a story to tell. Trent was abducted by the Ulama, a tribe of pale-skinned women who can fight like men but are as attractive as B-movie starlets. Incredulous but curious, Kookalamanza and Sparafucile head out to find the Ulama, but to their displeasure they discover the female warriors really do exist -- and have chosen to sacrifice them to their fire god.

Devil Monster:
This obscure seafaring adventure was based mainly on documentary footage filmed in Micronesia in the late 1920s. Low-budget producer Excelsior shot a wrap-around story about the search for a young San Franciscan, Josť (Jack Del Rio) shipwrecked on a South Seas island. The boy's girlfriend (Blanche Mehaffey) and a tuna fisherman (Barry Norton) manage to locate the castaway, who, having fallen for a native princess (Maya Owale), refuses to return to civilization.
Apparently not shown in America until 1946, but it was exhibited as The Sea Fiend in Great Britain in 1937. Expanded with new footage, The Devil Monster was finally released to American theaters in 1946.

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