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The film's tone is set in the opening scene as the Driver (Ryan O'Neal) gloms a V-8 sedan and proceeds to whip through claustrophobic parking garages, narrow alleyways, and sundry other high-risk macadam, as he demonstrates why he's known as the best getaway driver in the business to some potential clients, before giving his vehicle a proper burial. Such plot as there is in this highly abstract film concerns the Driver's cat and mouse game with the Detective (Bruce Dern), an employee of the constabulary of an unnamed city, intent on his arrest. A mysterious and beautiful woman, the Player (Isabelle Adjani), soon appears on the Driver's radar, a perfect match for his taciturnity.

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Walter Hill's 1978 car chase spectacle Driver zooms to DVD with this release from 20th Century Fox. Including both the full-screen version and an anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen version of the film, this release does a fine job at presenting the thrilling chases in all their glory, with the help of a Dolby Digital stereo track and the original mono mix. While there isn't a souped-up sound option, the disc does include an unpublicized alternate beginning, which actually goes a long way to explain a major plot point in the film.

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