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Roy Rogers wants to breed his best mare with the most beautiful Palomino stallion in the West, but the horse's owner refuses his request. An evil casino owner, Brett Scoville, has the same plan and will stop at nothing to make it happen, even if it means kidnapping the horse. The attempt goes haywire and the stallion escapes, breeds with Roy's mare and is viciously shot by Scoville's henchmen. When the smoke clears, poor Roy is framed for the crime. Co-starring George "Gabby" Hayes as the hard gambling Palomino breeder, Dale Evans as his beautiful daughter Susan, and Jack Holt as the crooked Scoville, My Pal Trigger, with its songs and energetic pace, is a western classic.

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ALP6138 My Pal Trigger DVD (1946/Roy Rogers) $5.99