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Steve Kendall rescues roving gambler 'Boston' Harry from a lynching party. With a posse hot on their tail, the pair flee to the waiting arms of the seductive Juanita. The temptress uses her charms to extract every last dollar from both Steve and Harry, before turning them over to the law. The two are jailed for a murder they did not commit and must find a way to escape if they are to avoid the hangman's noose and prove their innocence. Bob Steele is directed by J.P. McCarthy in this Amity Pictures production, which would be remade in 1935 as Desert Trail starring John Wayne. Steele starred in scores of Poverty Row westerns, often directed by his father, Robert N. Bradbury. A journeyman performer, Steele had the ability to do fine work outside of the genre, notably playing Curly in the 1939 classic Of Mice and Men.

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ALP6508 Ridin Fool DVD (1931/Bob Steele) $5.99