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KISS OF THE TARANTULA: Susan discovers that mommy dearest is plotting to have dear old dad killed by her secret lover, who is also dadís brother, she places a tarantula in mommyís bed while she sleeps. And innocent looking Susan doesnít stop there, making good plot use of her fatherís mortuary and her creepy little playmates! RT: 85 min, Color, 1.66:1, PG, 1975 DONíT LOOK IN THE BASEMENT: This gory little chiller takes place in an experimental hospital for the criminally insane where the creative thinking director allows several inmates to act out their psychotic delusions. RT: 90 min, Color, 1.78:1, PG, 1979 DON\'T OPEN THE DOOR: A dutiful granddaughter goes home to take care of her dying grandmother. Once there, she finds herself trapped inside the house with a homicidal maniac and all hell breaks loose. RT: 90 min, Color, 1.33:1, R, 1972

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UE8458 Kiss of the Tarantula, Don't Open the Door & Don't Look in the Basement DVD (1975, 1979, 1972) $14.99 $13.49