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Lionel Atwill stars as Jerome Breen, a stock broker and noted philanthropist who has committed a series of cold-blooded murders. Witnesses near the scene of the crimes recount that Breen had spoken to them moments after the murders were committed, however, Breen has an airtight alibi - he is a deaf mute. As the investigation unfolds, Inspector Riley (Robert Ellis) discovers a clue that will solve the mystery, but will he be able to bring the wealthy socialite to justice? Atwill is beloved by fans for his roles in Mystery of the Wax Museum, Dr. X, The Vampire Bat and many Universal horror films. He also is noted for his portrayal of Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon.

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ALP4125 Sphinx, The DVD (1933/Lionel Atwill) $5.99