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In the darkness of the night, a murderous hand of an unseen killer violently forces a woman under cold, black waters, sending the victim to a ghastly death. Emmaline, the beautiful niece of the murdered woman, witnesses the killing and experiences a brutal emotional trauma that causes total memory loss. Years later, Emmaline tries to put the unsolved murder behind her and returns to the family mansion with her conniving new husband, his nephew Craig and caretaker Luther. Sinister events begin to unfold as Emmaline fights to reclaim her memory. Craig begins investigating and discovers a link between Emmaline and the vast fortune that may be a motive for the murder. It becomes clear that Emmaline must recover her suppressed memories... before the killer makes her his next victim. An eerie suspense thriller, Trauma was released in the post-Psycho era and possesses the same haunting qualities of other thrillers from the '60s like Dementia 13 and Homicidal. Director Robert M. Young is best known for his television films (Ghost Of Flight 401) and as a TV writer ("Kojak" and "It Takes a Thief"). Young also wrote the story for the 1963 low-budget thriller, The Crawling Hand. Lynn Bari, a busy performer throughout the '30s and '40s, appears as victim Helen Garrison, one of her final film appearances. Actor John Conte was featured in Man With The Golden Arm and was the host for many years on the NBC Matinee Theater.

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